How to Fix Galaxy S6 capacitive Buttons Always on T-Mobile Variant.


Samsung galaxy comes up with latest flagship having an extreme amazing and simplistic metallic design. It beat all the previous Samsung devices. In Galaxy S6 Samsung updated a new version of Android Lollipop 5.0.

Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are one of the hottest mobiles available in the market but one feature that annoy many users is that you can’t turn capacitive buttons off even if they screen is dim they are still bright. Many other companies have shifts this option of on screen buttons but Samsung is still sticking to it because they think that physical buttons compliments their design strategy. This feature even gets more annoying when you are using the handset in dark because you can turn the brightness to low but can’t do anything with capacitive buttons. No option is available to switch of this off. This Capacitive button Always On issue has been found on the T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Some mrapp users was also frustrated by his T-mobile Galaxy S6 and decided to for the solution to fix this issue and he successfully did it.  By changing the value of sales codes form T-mobile “TMB” to some other carriers like KDO, TLS, RWC, BMC, etc. in the sales_code.dat file under /system/csc/directory. You can follow the mrapp recovery flashable zip or with file manager app with root access ES File Explorer.

Note: Before following the given steps make sure all of your data is backup to secure place so that in case of any loss you can easily recover it. First of all you have to download this Capacitve button fix file below.

Download T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Capacitive Button Fix.


Step 1: First step is to install TWRP recovery on your Galaxy S6. It is a touch based recovery that will backup your full system.

Step 2: Transfer capacitive button fix file to Galaxy S6 internal storage and remember its location where you have save them.

Step 3: Now boot S6 into recovery mode.

Step 4: Get ready to backup on your current ROM. Select backup option then “Swipe to backup” option available on the bottom of the screen. Wait until the process is completed. It might take long time depending upon the speed and size of data.


Step 5: After this next step is to download capacitive button fix.

Open main menu of TWRP recovery and install it. Look for the folders where you have saved the fix zip file. Select it and swipe to confirm flash option available on the bottom of the screen. Again wait to finish the process.

Step 6: Open TWRP recovery main menu and tap on reboot and select system.

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