How to fix HTC One M8 screen flickering Issue


Few days back i noticed something is wrong with HTC One M8 screen after checking carefully i found out that my HTC One M8 screen was flickering. Well first thought came into my mind that it was hardware issue, generally most of us think the same but after doing little research on Google i found that it can be solved with simple steps. In this guide i’ll explain how to fix HTC One M8 screen flickering Issue. Before proceeding to the guide let me clear one thing if you are facing hardware issue then this method won’t be helpful for you. It would be better that you should visit the near HTC Store and let them fix this issue.

What are the Symptoms:

1). If you are trying to make a call or even a skype call the screen would start to behavior eerie and improperly.

2). If on the call and trying to use the navigation buttons it goes black or shut off.

How to fix HTC One M8 screen flickering Issue:

Step 1: Open setting on your HTC One M8.

Step 2: Tap on About.

Step 3: Tap on Software information.

Step 4: Now Tap on More.

Step 5: Now tap Build number 7 times.

Step 6: Developer options will be enabled.

Step 7: Turning off Extreme Power Saving Mode.

Step 8: Now go to developer Options and uncheck all the boxes as shown in the photo.


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