How to fix if the USB stick is not recognized?

A USB stick is a portable storage device that can be used to store important files and documents. There are many USB sticks available in the market these days, which are small and store enormous data storage capacity.

Sometimes we face trouble accessing the stored files in USB stick as we get an error that says “USB stick is not recognized.” If you are fed up searching on the internet to find the ways to fix the USB stick is not recognized error message, then you are an incorrect place right now.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is the best available data recovery tool for retrieving all types of files from any portable USB drive.

EaseUS Data recovery wizard Software

What makes EaseUS Data recovery wizard so special?

  • Unlike other data recovery tools that are available inexpensive price plans, this data recovery wizard is a freeware that is available free of cost. We can easily download Easeus data recovery software from its official site as well.
  • Quick scanning of files: – The software is capable of analyzing the stored data in the fastest amount of time. The scanning process of this data recovery software is very fast, and the results population does not take much time compared to any other online tools.
  • Ideal for data recovery of corrupted files: – Sometimes, due to compatibility issues or hardware-related problems, the file gets corrupted in the USB stick itself. This makes the file inaccessible. EaseUS Data recovery software can easily detect those corrupted files and recover them in a previously accessible version.
  • Single click recovery of files:-The files that are populated for data recovery can be retrieved on a single click. We can also recover the files while the \scanning is being done as it can work simultaneously.
  • Capable of retrieving 1000+ types of file types: – USB sticks can store many types of file formats. It could be images like jpeg, gif, PSD, or png, or video files in MPEG, MOV or Avi format. It can also store documents in the format of doc, txt, or pdf format. With the help of these software tools, we can effectively retrieve all types of stored files in different formats.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a software that is easy to use that has an excellent user interface. The basic operations like recovering hidden stored files, system files on data storage devices can easily be retrieved on a simple click.

The features like a preview before recovery, the feature is the best option to display the user to identify the data files that need to be recovered.

Ease us software is available in free, as well as the paid versions. In the free version, we can recover data up to 2GB, and we can always upgrade the plan if we want to recover more data and increase the data recovery size limit.

The software is very light and does not consume space on the device. Ease us data recovery tool can operate on Windows operating system as well as Mac operating system.

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