How to fix iPhone 6 / 6 Plus not showing on iTunes error.

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The iPhone 6 and the huge iPhone 6 plus both are Apples great success in terms of sales and helped the Apple to achieve the title of most valuable company. Both these Smartphone went on sale in 2014.Iphone 6 plus is the biggest Smartphone ever produced by Apple. It breaks the previous records of the company. The screen size of iphone 6 is 4.7 inches which is big from the old iphone series and the screen size of iphone 6 plus is 5.5 inches which is really big. Iphone always promised to introduce unique products and to satisfy its customers in a best possible way.

For the ease of the users Apple created software called iTunes for media management. It will help the users to manage audio and video files on your Pc or Mac. The iOS devices are closely bound with iTunes it maintains the backup of your iOS devices so in case of any loss you can easily recover it with your iTunes.

Recently many users encounter the problem that iPhone 6 or 6 Plus are not showing up on iTunes Mac. This problem is not big, there can be multiple reasons don’t worry given below are few possible situation that can fix this issue.

Alternate Ways to fix iPhone 6/ 6 plus not showing up on iTunes  

1st Way: Check Out your iPhone is Turn On and Sync with Home Screen.

Sometime it happens when you connect your iphone with computer, iTunes fails to detect it. In this case solution is that go to settings option of your iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus and then tap on the general choose restrictions> Disable restrictions


2nd Way: Check out USB Connections is properly connect

Sometimes USB port may not be working. Unplug USB device from Mac and try to connect in a different USB port. If USB port id=s working and still this problem occurs then change your USB cable.

3rd Way: Make confirm your iPhone 6/ 6 Plus is trust for the Computer

When first time you connect your iphone with the Mac, an alert message displays on screen “trust this computer” so unlock your iphone and tap on trust option to continue its connectivity.

4th Way: Restart your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

When the user encounters some unknown problem and you have no idea what to do then restart you iOS device.

5th Way: Restart your Mac

Turn off your Mac and try to connect it again. It sometimes solves the problem.

6th Way: Update your Software up to date

Update your software for the latest version of iTunes. Old version can cause some problems.

7th Way: Make sure Security update

If you have installed third party security software then master yourself how to cope up with security software and iTunes issue.

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