How To Fix iPhone If It Freezes Or Crashes Continuously (Guide)

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Most of you might have your iPhone loaded with apps and games. So it will start freezing and some time becomes unresponsive. That happens with most of phones when data exceeds the limits and there are dumps of files stored in cache memory. Today we will guide you how to get rid of such condition and make your iPhone perform faster or same as when you bought it.

The most recommended method is to hard reboot your iPhone. I like to reboot it atleast once in a day that will keep my iPhone work fast and it’s performance remains stable. The other method is endless reboot loop. Let’s go through the whole procedure.


Fix iPhone Freeze & crash


1. Hard Reboot:

The hard reboot is simple method and it is most needed one for a device which is packed with applications, as most of them are continuously running in background consuming more RAM and cache memory. The hard reboot will solve this issue and bring your device back to life when it got freezed with showing no response on your touch input. In some conditions Sleep or wake button also become unresponsive.

iPhone crash


When you face such situation the best way is to Hard Reboot your device and it can be done by pressing the Home and Power Button together for at least 3-5 seconds or in some cases even more until you see the Apple Logo appearing on the screen again. 

This reboot method is very quick and quite effective as it will make your iPhone work properly again, it will remove all the dumped files from cache that will free more RAM for regular functions that are needed for system software of the device.  


2- Endless Reboot Loop:

iPhone 5 reboot loop

This is the other useful way to make your iPhone working properly after those freezing errors. It is needed mostly when the software update don’t work or any error comes up during the  installation of any software. This may be also caused by the incompatible Jailbreak tweak that will make your iPhone stuck in middle of nowhere. 

In this situation even the hard reboot method also don’t work. The infected app may run again and again and make your iPhone stuck in same way after hard rebooting it. In order to get out of this miserable situation you need to go for endless reboot loop. 

The only way to achieve Endless Reboot Loop is by pressing volume up button when booting up your iphone till you come up with the lock screen. After this you must open Cydia and uninstall the problem causing tweak. If your Volume up button don’t work use the clicker button on your headset after injecting the pin in your iPhone.

If you are still having trouble with your device just comment down in the box.

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