How To Fix iPhone Messages Get Auto-Deleted after iOS 8 Update


Apple released iOS 8 with a complete make over of the iOS and we got many new features. There is a lot improved in iOS 8, but on the other hand users are facing many issues. One of them is Messages Get Auto-Deleted after iOS 8 Update, yes this is not got at all. There is no such option that is enabled by default to deletes messages, audios and videos in messages. So today i’ll guide you how to fix iPhone Messages Get Auto-Deleted after iOS 8 Update. Auto delete feature is helpful in some ways like, If you receive tons of messages single day then its helpful, because to delete a message one by one is very annoying. But not all the time sometimes we have important information in our messages and auto delete will no good if a message is deleted automatically. So to save yourself from this loss follow my guide below.

How To Fix iPhone Messages Get Auto-Deleted after iOS 8 Update:

This Guide is for simple text Message, for iMessages there is other option that you have to turn off. Follow all the steps carefully in order to stop iPhone Messages Get Auto-Deleted after iOS 8 Update.

Step 1: Open Settings App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Now scroll down and tap on the Messages.

Step 3: Tap on Message History and then tap on Keep Messages.

Step 4: Select forever from the list.


Step 5: Now go back to the main menu.

All done. After Applying these setting now your iPhone will not auto delete message on iOS 8. If you face any kind of problem regarding this guide you can tell me in comments.

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