How to Fix iTunes Error 9 while upgrading/downgrading iPhone, iPad.


There are many users who have been complaining about the Error 9 notification when they try to upgrade or downgrade their iPhone, iPad or the iPod Touch using iTunes. This iTunes Error 9 is no that common and doesn’t have any fix solution.  So we decided to try all the available methods to fix this issue.

We have discussed a couple of same type of errors before including the error 3194 and the error 4014. But those are quite common errors faced by many iTunes users while upgrading or updating their devices recently. But with the upgrade to iTunes 11 the developers have fixed the errors successfully.

However the Error 9 still remain unsolved and we do have variety of fixes for the iTunes error 9.  We point down all the possibilities for you to get fix this issue.

Like most error codes, there are a variety of fixes for iTunes error 9. What may work for someone might not work for you. What you’ll need to do is try out all the possibilities.

How to Fix iTunes Error 9:

The authorities at Apple’s support page regard this Error 9 as the possible security issue that can be solved by the blocking of firewall to any specific website or web resource. As we know the iTunes contact the Apple servers during the upgrade process so it is more likely that the firewall issue came into play causing the Error 9 to pop up. If this is the case you can solve the issue by making sure to set your firewall settings properly. Or incase if the Error 9 shows again you can solve it by following these methods given below.


USB Port Error/ Connect, disconnect USB port:

You have to make sure that your USB cable or port are in good shape and your device is connected with the port properly.

Try Another Computer:

You can check the same upgrade or updating process by using another PC or Laptop with iTunes installed on it. This can prevent the chances of Error 9 to pop up again and again.

FireWall, Security or Anti Virus options:

After examining the hardware issues we move towards the software and look deep into the Security settings of Windows or Mac, The Antivirus settings and the same firewall settings which we have discussed earlier.

Make sure that your internet connection does not use Proxy or VPN, which may cause prevention of Apple servers from connecting to the iTunes services. This may result in the popping up of Error 9 issue.

Different OSes and different setups have different configurations for proxy or firewall. You might have to tweak them so that all servers are accessible. Hope by checking all the above methods you will be able to get rid of Error 9. If it is not so, You can comment in the section below and we would love to help you out.

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