How to Fix “Not Registered on Network” issue on Galaxy S8, S8 Plus.


Today we will let you know how to FIX “Not Registered on Network” on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus are the current flagship device of the Korean brand Samsung. But still we have reported some issues that are being faced by users all over the world. Among these issues is the No Service / No Signal issue, or the same Not Registered on Network issues spotted most of the time in all Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus variants so far. The issue can be caused due to some reasons and for that you have to check all of them before moving to solve the Galaxy S8 Not Registered on Network.

The main causes can be 1- Your account not properly set, 2- You are out of the Network area, 3- while switching carriers on a locked device, 4- Third party app conflicts or the 5- Airplane mode remain ON. If you have been facing the No Service or No Signal issue due to these issues posted here then you can fix them manually and to do so you  have to follow the guide given below with all fixes described manually. The Cellphone service providers has always released the cell phone provider coverage maps on their sites, showing best 4G service areas on the maps. There have been many wireless network maps online you can check them out.

How To Fix Not Registered on Network Issue on Galaxy S8 or S8+:

1- Account Status: 

If you are having the service issue the first thing you should check is the account status. Make sure to check if your account status is good or not by contacting your cellular service provider and verify your account status. There could be a network service interruption as well so you can contact the online help or just dial the help line number to get the assistance.

2- Carrier Switching issue:

If you have switched from one carrier to another this can result in No Service or No Signal issue on the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. To solve this issue again you have to call the network service provider to get the help. This mostly happens with carrier locked devices and for that you can check out your self if your device is locked or unlocked.

3- Network Area Coverage:

The signal bar stops showing if your are in an area where there is no network coverage. Or in some cases the service can be intercepted for so many reasons. In such case, you should contact with your carrier and ask about network outages and ETA for the outage to last.Beside this you can check your SIM card and insert it properly.

After that you can reset your device to get the Signals again, but if you are facing the problem again you can Turn On the Airplane mode and then Turn it OFF. repeating the process two three times can show up the signals and you will get rid of the Not Registered on Network issue on your Galaxy S8.

Last but not least you can check out for any Software update if it is there for you to update your device to stop getting these No Service or No Signals issues on Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. However if the issue still prevails you can read a detailed guide on how to fix No Service issue on any Samsung Galaxy Device.

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