How to Fix Samsung Galaxy No Service Issue.


We have been lately covering all the issue regarding the Samsung Galaxy Smartphones and among those the most talked about issue us the Samsung Galaxy No Service issue which has been spotted in many Samsung Galaxy Series devices.  Most of the users who have this issue have reported it to the Samsung customer Support centers. Most of them think of some Hardware problem focusing the Radio antenna. But this is purely a software issue as found in most cases.

You don’t have to visit the Samsung Customer Support Center. You can solve this No Service Issue in Samsung Galaxy series phones yourself. The issue results in Not registered on networks and No Signals on Samsung smartphones. This have been reported that the no Service issue also pops up due to nulled IMEI. So you can solve it by visiting this link which describes How to fix Invalid IMEI number.

The Samsung Galaxy No Service problem has been spotted when the Radio Signals of the device turned off. This problems happen automatically due to the WIFI and GPS signals conflict. You can gain the signals back if you Reset your device instantly but this has not been approved in many cases. This No Service issue have been found in Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy S3 T-Mobile version, Samsung Galaxy S4 , Samsung Galaxy S4 Blaze version, and the Samsung Galaxy S5.


How to Fix Samsung Galaxy No Service Issue:

All you have to do to Fix Samsung Galaxy  No Service Error,  you’ll have to enter dialer on your phone and dial certain codes on your device. I will make it easier for you by describing it step wise.

Step 1- Open Phone Dialer. In Phone Dialer Dial ##4636##

Step 2- You do not need to press send button, it will automatically appear the Service mode

Step 3-  You will no enter the Enter Service mode.


Step 4-  Now click on the top option, -Device information or Phone information

Step 5 – After this Click on Run Ping test

Step 6 – Now at the bottom of the screen you will find the Turn Radio On/Off button.

Step 7 – Turn the Radio to ON, Your phone will prompt for a Reboot.

Step 8 – Reboot your device. And here you go with full Signal bars starts showing up.

That’s it. Now you have fixed the issue yourself. For some Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 international version you have to dial *#0011# and the in the Options type *>> back >> after the Options >> Key Input >> 1, in the black screen on the left.

Hope you fixed No Service issue for the Samsung Galaxy S series phones. You can follow us on the TwitterFacebook or  Google +. So you can read our more guides too.

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