How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Battery Draining issue on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.


With the recent update to the latest version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, there comes a lot of issue with it. Beside the connectivity with VR, the latest Update has made Galaxy Note 5 battery drain even quicker then it was before with the Android 5.1.1 update. It seems like a 3,000 mAh battery isn’t enough for this phablet device.We have come up with some real quick tips to let you fix this battery draining issue in your Galaxy Note 5 device

With the smaller battery injected in and higher resolution display which eats up the whole battery of the device you should follows some strict rules to get your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 up and running for longer and to get rid of the occasional battery drain issue that has been reported by some new users who are not much familiar with the Galaxy device usage. The Android devices always have lots of background apps and processes running in background. Same has been seen in the latest Samsung flagship devices as well. So to get most out of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 battery you have to follow all these instructions given below in this guide.

Mostly the battery is consumed by the communication apps those include all.

1- Close the dismissed running apps

In Galaxy Note 5 there are apps that keep on running in background even when they are not being used . So in order to save the battery we first need to close those unnecessary apps. After the communications (wifi, radio, GPS) third party apps are the main reason for draining battery. So route to the Settings of your Galaxy and then battery session, see what all the apps are consuming more battery life. If you see some particular apps are the perpetrators, then either uninstall them or force close them.

Note 5 Battery Drain (2)

2- Turn off communications when they are not in use

the wifi , GPS, location services, Bluetooth and NFC and these apps should be closed as soon as you have finished using them these not only finishes battery soon but are also responsible for the performance they slow down the performance of your phone as they keep on updating themselves.

3- Restart your device

Restarting your device may solve the issues like overheating; camera problem and slow performance so it is always recommended to restart your phone once it is behaving in a way that it should not it might solve your problem temporarily.

4- Deactivate location services

Location services use the maximum battery because it keeps on locating the location of your device when turned on and it updates frequently specially while driving so location services should only be used once you need them or you are using navigation services otherwise they should be kept disabled.

5- Battery charge cycle

Once in a month do charge the battery to maximum and then use it till it fully drains out and your phone is completely shut down because of empty battery.  It is good for the battery preservation and to get precise battery usage statistics.

Note 5 Battery Drain (3)

6- Disable notifications

You never need to be notified for every app you have in your smartphone so it is better to turn the notifications off for the apps which you don’t need to get notified for it would save your battery. Also try to disable the Flipboard while swipping to the left of home page. Follow this guide.

7- Use Power saving and Ultra saving modes

In Settings > System > Battery there are two battery saving modes one is Ultra Power saving mode and the second is Power saving mode. Power saving mode lessens brightness, confines CPU performance, and other minor effects to convalesce the battery life. It let you use the phone without any extravagant things like screen on time and vibration.

You can enable ultra power saving mode at the serious time when every drop of battery matters a lot. It bounds the number of apps that you can use and triggers a grayscale phrase to your device.

Use these modes when you need to save battery and you are out of home. This will stop the Battery drainage in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

 8- Perform a factory reset

The factory reset is the last resort one can try it is to bring your phone to the stage when you initially bought it and should be performed when you have tried every step above and it didn’t work.

To reset it to factory settings you need to go to Settings > Personal > Backup and Restore. This procedure erases all the data from the phone, so you should also back up the important data.

Hope that these tips given above will save the battery life of your Samsung Note 5 and you will get better battery timing on both these devices as claimed by the makers of these devices.

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