How to fix Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Deep Sleep Issue to stop battery drain.


Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are great hit products in market. Samsung owns millions of users worldwide and the reason why users like Samsung devices is because of its power and ability to customize everything. Samsung users when purchase brand new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge they go for rooting device and install custom recovery. Rooting process enables the users to get the privileged of controlling the Android subsystem. The users get the potential power of the device.

One of the advantages which users get after rooting is the installation of the custom ROMs on the Samsung Galaxy. By doing this user can change the icons, colors and app menu etc. they can also go for kernels,mods, overclocking CPU, root explorer, titanium backups and many more activities. The kernels will improve the speed and performance of your Smartphone. The rooted devices can also access system setting to improve the battery life of the device.

Some disadvantages also associated with rooting the device which includes the loss of warranty but the major disadvantage on which mostly user complains includes the battery drain and deep sleep issue. Normally when the Smartphone is inactive it automatically go into deep sleep mode to save the battery life but with rooting many of the Samsung Galaxy S6 devices  are unable to go into deep sleep mode and battery drains also  very quickly.

If you are facing these issue or you want to check whether your device is working properly then put your Smartphone on charging, clean all apps and leave it for few time. After doing this if you observe that battery is draining and it is not going into deep sleep mode don’t need to worry just follow the given steps that will resolve your problem.

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How to Fix Galaxy S6 Battery Drain & No Deep Sleep Issue:

Method 1: Flash Stock Firmware

First method to remove any sign of root from your Galaxy S6 device is flashing stock firmware. This is the easiest and simplest procedure and it will take your device to factory settings and remove root.

Method 2: Apply Manual Fix

Step 1: Download and install Terminal Emulator app on your device from the Google play store.

Step 2: Open the app and type SU. It will ask you to allow root permission. Click yes.

Step 3: Enter the code which contains the patch.

Step 4: Press enter and reboot your device. The fixes will be applied and your Galaxy S6 will finally go into deep sleep and prevent battery drain problems.

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