How to Fix slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S3. [4 Methods Guide]


If you want to know how Samsung got their high ranks in smartphone world, Then this Samsung Galaxy S3 is the one which topple the smartphone market with over 100 million sales across the globe. This huge success is due to the excellent features offered by the 2012 flagship device of this Korean smartphone giant.

But with all the cons there comes some pros. With passing some time some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 devices showed some issues and among that there is the slow charging problem. This slow charging will make a Samsung Galaxy S3 to charge from 0-100% in hours. In some cases it has been noted that even after hours of charging  the bar doesn’t fill and the smartphone remained uncharged.

In today’s guide we will make sure to Fix slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S3. As in some reports its quite clear that even after changing the battery they have been facing the same problem again. So here are some solutions for the slow charging problem on Samsung Galaxy S3.

How to fix Slow Charging Problems on Samsung Galaxy S3:

There are different methods to solve this problem, We will discuss the methods one by one and hope that you will follow all the instructions accordingly.

1- System Dump Method:

In System dump method you can debug different issues and you can execute new functions to solve the core issues involving the hardware of your Samsung smartphones. This method can be applied on other Samsung Galaxy Series phones as well if you are facing the same issues with those handsets. This method will boost the battery charge up, network speed and others important functions as well. All you have to do is follow these steps given below.

Step 1- First of all open the Dialer app.

Step 2- Dial *#9900#

Step 3- A new window will open, Scroll down to Low Battery Dump. Tap on it and turn it to ON.


2- Uninstall Unwanted apps Method:

Sometime the slow charging issue for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is there due to some apps that consume the battery even faster then the rate of charging. In this case its better to charge your device by turning it off, or you can uninstall such apps and try to download alternative apps of the same class to tackle the issue.  You can also clean the cache partition of your device. It will clear different parts of the phone without deleting  your personal data.

Many well known apps are available on Google Play Store for this purpose. The list includes Cache Fix, Root toolbox Free, Market Fix etc.

3- Master Reset from Setting Menu Method:

This method may delete some important data from the phone (Saved on Phone Memory) so before adopting Master Reset from Setting menu make sure to backup your device’s contact, calender, images and app contents. This doesn’t effect the data on microSD card or SIM card. This is how you can master reset from setting Menu.

Step 1- Go to Settings >> Accounts >> Backup and Reset

Step 2- Tap on Automatic Restore and backup my data>> Factory Data reset> Reset Device.

Step 3- In next window you may get the Password request, enter the password of your device and then tap on Delete All.

4- Battery Charging booster apps for Samsung Galaxy S3 Method:

In this method you can install the third part apps that are available on Google Play Store. 2 of the most used apps in this regard are given below. Go to Google Play Store and download them on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

1- Battery Boaster Lite.

2- Greenify


These apps don’t requires any Root permissions so you can download and install them on any Samsung Galaxy S3 device. Greenify is more commonly used as a task manager app as well and you can use it as a task killer app to save some battery as well.

Greenify   Android Apps on Google Play

Hope your issue gets fixed by following these four methods. If you are still facing any problem you can post it in the comments section given below and we will love to help you out in this regard.

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