How to get Android 5.0 Lollipop looks on any Android device. [Guide]

android ll

The latest version of Android is already announced and as anticipated by many Android fans it’s the same Android L where L stands for Lollipop. The Android 5.0 Lollipop preview version has been out for a while now and many Nexus 5 users might have experienced the developers preview version on their devices. With the release of the Android 5.0 developers preview version many developers come to know what is coming in the future version of Android. So many third party app developers jumped in to the field and designed some cool Android 5.0 look like icons and designs that can change your device User Interface will look just like you experienced on Nexus 5 running Android lollipop.

Today we will let you know how you can get the Android lollipop homepage looks and feels of the material design on your Android device. These features can be applied on any smartphone including the Samsung Galaxy Series device, Motorola Moto series, Sony Xperia series devices etc. The users with Nexus 4, 5 or the users with Moto X or Moto G can have the luxury of newly designed Square, round and triangle buttons as well on the bottom of their screens.

But others have to use the main buttons given on their devices as these apps will work with Stock Android phones better then the customized UI device as compared to the Home launcher for Android. As this tutorial is for users who do know how to customize their Android devices and who are good with installing third party apps and themes on their devices. So those of you who were previous users of iPhone or never customized their Android devices before so they are advised to follow this guide on their own risk.

All you need is these files to be added to your device to get the Android 5.0 Lollipop looks and feels. This includes a set of Android Lollipop Wallpapers, The Holo Launcher app, The new Android Softkeys at the bottom, A set of Android Lollipop Ringtones, The new Boot-Animation, New Keyboard introduced for the new version, and set of GApps for Android 5.0. You can download all these stuff from the given links below and make your device homepage look like the new Android 5.0 Lollipop home.

Dropbox   Android L Wallpapers

1. Wallpaper – Download full package of android 5.0 L wallpapers from here – Here . Open the zip and directly setup the wallpaper .

2. Holo Launcher from – Here . Holo launcher will make your device look like kitkat launcher . You can also use Google now launcher .
3. SoftKeys z from  – Here . Its the new soft keys that are inbuilt in Android 5.0  L . If you have nexus , motorola or any non keys device then it will work .
4. Ringtones – All the new Ringtones from Android 5.0 Are here , It has been extracted from nexus 5 running on Android 5.0 L . Download from here .
5. Keyboard – The new Google keyboard is now avialble to download . Xda dev has made a flashable zip of It .  Download from here and flash using cwm .
Android-L-screenshots-lockscreen-homescreen_thumb6. Boot-animation – The new android boot-animation is finally here . Download from –Here

7. Apps – All android 5.0 apps extracted from android 5.0 Dev edition on Nexus 5. Download – Here

After downloading all these required files all you have to do is put them as default apps for your device, Put the latest Android 5.0 wallpaper and set the latest ringtone. Also configure the keyboard to the latest default keyboard and you will be set to get the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop Homepage looks for your device.

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