How to get latest YouTube material design look on your Chrome browser.

YouTube Material Design UI

YouTube latest material design user interface is in it beta stages and there have been confirm reports that the future YouTube website will have this new material design all over it just like the one we experience on Google + new UI. The good news is that you can get this latest YouTube Material Design UI right now by following this simple step by step guide given below.

This new design is more renowned as the Google’s very own flat material design. The most notable feature in this new UI is the channel pages that shows more of the background color which is found in the header image and a revised circular logo rather than the previously square styling and altogether less engaging page layout. Giving creators a more personal-feeling page makes a lot of sense given that they’re the lifeblood of the platform.


You can get this new YouTube material design look on your PC Browser by simply installing the Google Chrome browser on your PC and then following this guide below.

YouTube Material Design new

How to get latest YouTube material design User Interface:

1- First of all you need this “Edit This Cookie” extension for your chrome browser. You can simply go to the chrome browser web store or just this link here for this extension.

a)- Edit This Cookie extension. ( For Chrome )

b)- Edit This Cookie extension. ( For Opera )

Edit This Cookie extension

2- Now install this app on either Chrome or Opera browser on your pc.

3- After that make sure to open a new Incognito Tab or simple sign out of your chrome account.

4- Once done open YouTube for US by clicking on these links

a) – YouTube for United States , b)- YouTube US

YouTube latest looks

5- Now its the main step that you have to follow here. On the YouTube USA link go to the “Cookie” button on top of your browser and click on the “VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE” option, it drops down showing a text field, “Value”, Inside value you might see some letters and numbers written.

YouTube Material Design

6- All you have to do is change that code with this magic code “Qa1hUZu3gtk” without quotes !! and click on the green check mark button below as indicated in the image below.

YouTube Material Design trick

7- That’s it now simple refresh your page and here you go, Your YouTube for USA is now simply having the latest material design user interface. Just look at this Android Authority page, ain’t it look good in all green.

YouTube Material Design UI 2


I hope you follow this guide properly and got the latest YouTube Material Design User Interface. If Yes then simply explore YouTube and look at the profiles of your favorite YouTubers, you will simply love it. Now all you have to do is simply share this trick with your friends and family or on your social media accounts. Cheers

If you didn’t get the new UI simply comment below.

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