How to get more shares on a Facebook image, video or status.


One of the most searched phrases are how to get most like on Facebook or how to get more shares. Because every body wants to get famous and businesses wants to reach maximum audiences on these social media sites. There have been blogs and tons of forums which are made to discuss all the methods or opportunities of how to get more and more from your resources on Facebook.

No body can set a specific formula for this, or no mathematical logic can be presented to share the data to many people you want. There is no magic formula as well, As a small tech blogger I have learnt that all you need is some hard work, persistence and mostly some great content that your viewers want to read and share with their friends.

However there is some ways to get some real posts shares if you follow the social media strategy shown in this most infographics which I have found as one of the most informative post about the Social Media marketing strategy. This post have been developed by a team named Shortstack. The team that customizes Facebook Pages with some extra ordinary promotions and design eye catching contest and videos with some awesome forms and much more.

They have shared This cool infographics with some great rules and recipes which automatically compels your followers or fans to share it on their timelines as well.

Here you go read it and feel free to share it with your friends.

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