How to get Nexus 5 launcher on Samsung Galaxy S3. [Guide]

Google has recently announced their latest Nexus smartphone the Nexus 5. The device is loaded with bundle of new features but the most appealing one is the Nexus 5 Launcher. The new launcher runs on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat but some Android fanatics have got their way into the system files and extracted the whole Nexus 5 Launcher pack for other Android users.

The best thing about this project is that you can download it to any Android device including the ones running the older Android versions on them. If you are having Samsung Galaxy S3 and you are bored with the old Touch Wiz overlay on your device, I will guide you how to make your Galaxy S3 looks like the new Nexus 5.

All you have to do is Follow these steps in order to get the Nexus 5 looks on your Samsung Galaxy S3, the best thing is that it can be downloaded and installed on any Galaxy S3 variant. If you want the full look and feel of the Nexus 5, then you may need the Official Nexus 5 Wallpapers and some of the core apps that have been found on the latest Nexus device. You can download them from the links given below.


Nexus 5 Wallpapers.

Nexus 5 Stock Keyboard, Hangout and other apps.

For the Nexus 5 Launcher all you need are these apps given below you can download them on your smartphone by clicking on the liks below.

Download Nexus 5 Launcher files:

  1. Google Nexus 5 Home Launcher Apk. [ Download Link]
  2. Google Valvet Apk. [ Download Link]
  3. Google Play Services Apk. [ Download Link]

Now all you have to do is Place these three Apk files on your Samsung Galaxy S3. Now install these file one by one on your device and here you go. All you have to do is hit the Launcher from the app drawer you will find the option of choosing from different launchers Select the ¬†Launcher ( With the Google’s default up arrow button) and make it as default launcher for your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Now you have your Galaxy S3 will look like the Nexus 5. You can also download the Official Nexus 5 Wallpapers and Stock apps from the links given above to give your Galaxy S3 a full Nexus 5 feel.

In case if you face some issue with the errors like Google Play Service Force Close, or other Google Launcher errors make sure to tap on the settings menu> Voice> Language and change the default language ( English UK) to any other language from the list, I did select the ( English US ) and it worked fine for me.

The Nexus 5 Launcher is tested on Galaxy S3 and it have been working fine. Here are the images of the launcher working on my Galaxy S3.

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