How to Get the Android Predective words keyboard on your iPhone.

Most of the iOS users might think of having that Android word prediction features in their Apple devices as well as there is no such feature in the Stock iOS keyboards. So often iPhone users have been found using other 3rd party keyboards that are available in the market. But today we will teach you how to enable this word prediction feature on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

For this feature to be downloaded you must have a Jailbreak Apple device and if your device isn’t jailbroken you should check out some tips here for the latest iOS6 jailbreak tutorial with the much needed tweak files.

This new jailbreak tweak is known as Predictive Keyboard , which has been designed keeping the Android keyboard features in mind. The keyboard is developed by Matthias Sauppe which has emphasized on adding an extra row on top of the virtual keyboard which shows at least three predicted words at a time when the users starts typing the initial letters of the word. This feature obviously helps in increasing the typing speed by doing so.

An example can be seen in the image Above which shows that on entering the first two letters of a world the predicted options starts showing in the above bar and if you found the correct word you can simply click on that word and have it typed for you automatically on the text field opened above the keyboard.

The Predictive Keyboard is tested on iPhone 5, it works quite effectively as it is stable and typing remains smooth as on the ordinary stock iOS keyboard. If you really looking for this PredictiveKeyboard tweak you can get it free on Cydia. The mentioned developers are BigBoss repo, but still you have to buy the license before you will be able to use it and that registration costs $2.39.

predictive keyboard Apple, predictive text keyboard for iphone, text prediction on iphone, Android keyboard for iPhone Further details about this tweak on this video.


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