How To Gift An App from App Store in iOS 8 [ iPhone/iPad ]


We have covered How to Redeem iTunes Gift Card on iTunes [ Windows or Mac ]today we have another guide on how to Gift An App from App Store in iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad. Yes this seems interesting that we can gift an app to our friends and family members. Now you don’t have to use your friends Apple id in order to download the apps, just send an app as a gift from app store. Most of who are using iPhone or iPad very long they know how to do so, but not every one is that geeky. So for those who don’t know how to gift an app from App store in iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad.

How To Gift An App from App Store in iOS 8 [ iPhone/iPad ]:


Step # 1: Open App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Step # 2: Now first select the app you want to gift, tap on the app.

Step # 3: Tap on share icon.

Step # 4: Now you’ll see few options along with Gift, tap on gift.

Step # 5: On the next page you have fill in info such as email of the recipient, your name and a message if you wish.

Step # 6: If you want to send app on specific date, you can select it form the last option. If not the leave it as today.

Step # 7: Now select the best card and tap on next.

Step # 8: After all the details are completed, tap on send.

All Done.

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