How to increase Download speed on Samsung Galaxy S5 with Download Booster feature.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is loaded with tons of new features that can’t be found in other high end android devices currently available in the market. Among them is the new Download Booster feature which lets you download files at double speed as compared to the standard 4G LTE enabled devices available on the market.

With this Download Booster feature enabled makes the device to combine the Wi-Fi and the wireless 4G LTE data connection provided by your carrier to download the file almost at a double speed to what you might get on Wi-Fi or the 4G networks. This will let you download immense files in less time then downloading the same files on any other device. We will let you know how to enable the Download Booster feature loaded in your Galaxy S5.

How To Enable S5 Download Booster:

All you have to do is follow these steps to get increase the download speed on Samsung Galaxy S5.

1- First of all  Turn ON Mobile Data Connection (LTE).
2-  Then make sure to Turn ON Wi-Fi connection, and connect to a Network.
3-  Now from the top Slide down  to bring the notification shade.
4- Slide the Toggles to the left, that’s where the “Download Booster” mode resides (by default).
5- You can also Enable “Download Booster” from the phone’s Settings (Blue icon at the top-most row).


This is how the magic begins and you can enjoy downloading HD movies or other huge files in real quick time. But keep in mind that this feature will be good if you have those unlimited data plans available for your 4G LTE Networks, otherwise this feature could cost you a lot of $$$ monthly.

In recent reports published the top US cellular companies have disabled this download booster features in Samsung Galaxy S5 devices they are offering. However the feature will remain intact in all unlocked or international variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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