How to install Blinkfeed (Sense 6 and 7) to any Android phone

How to install him Blinkfeed HTC (Sense 6 and 7) to any phone Android

Of course the HTC One M9 is not the best phone that has made ​​by HTC, but we must recognize that they have a software layers most successful and attractive. In my opinion, the best of the aesthetic and useful it is. What problem we usually have? What are unique to these terminals and rarely see in other models.

However, there is a lot of developers who are responsible for bringing these creations to other terminals and thus make them universal. Now we don’t have to wait more to get HTC One M9 blinkfeed, i’ll tell you how to install Blinkfeed and Sense for your phone.

How to install Blinkfeed (Sense 6 and 7) to any Android  phone:

You don’t need to root your device in order to install Blinkfeed (Sense 6 and 7) to any phone Android. Follow all the steps mentioned below.

The installation process is the same as that of any apk. We download an Apk on our mobile, install it manually. We will have all to enjoy the launcher, widgets, etc.

Configuring Blinkfeed

Once we have installed all this does not mean that we’re done with the whole process. We still have to configure social networks modules  so we can synchronize our Twitter accounts, Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram. Here’s how you can install the ones that need, so if there are any social network you cannot use it before configuring it.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn

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