How to Install Kodi on Samsung and LG Smart TV

Installing Kodi on Samsung or LG TV: Kodi is basically a home theater which has a very magnificent sound quality and high resolutions visuals. What else you need if you have Kodi in your home which is the best choice if you wants to make your home a theater. Basically Kodi is a software having lots of movies,songs and videos which is the best source of Entertainment if you want to achieve.  So today awe will tell you that how can you able to download the the kodi on your Smart Tv. It is to inform you again that this software is only for the Samsung and LG Smart TV.

Some tips before Installing Kodi on Samsung and LG Smart TV:

Tip 1. First of all Install the Addons which will help you to download the the movies from torrent and also you can access youtube directly. It is just to make the your software more Entertaining.

Tip 2. You can check the more Kodi addons here. These are just to make your Smart TV more beautiful.

Kodi for Samsung

Tip 3. Now Install some VPN because you may get notification of the copyrights from the authorities. To make your Kodi Anonymous just download any good VPN app to make it go seamless.

Tip 4. Now make sure that your Smart TV has the running Android OS. It will be more convenient to download the Kodi if you had already Android on your Tv. You can Install this kodi on your smartphone as well by this. Some OS is necessary for Kodi to download on your TV.

Tip 5. Some Samsung dont support Android so just run them on tizen, but you have to get an Android player like Nvidia Shield or a Nexus Player.

Tip 6. You can download the Exodus Build which will provide you the variety of addson in a single build.

How to Install Kodi on Samsung Smart TV:

If you have all the enabled feature and functions on your Smart TV then you are ready to install the Kodi On Samsung Smart TV.

Step 1. If you have android in your system then Install  the App from  here.

Step 2. If you don’t have  the android on your Smart TV then First Download the Kodi.

Step 3. Transfer the Installed file to the TV.

Step 4. Get the Apk file for the Smart TV.

Step 5. That’s it done!

How to Install Kodi on LG Smart TV (Kodi WebOS):

LG is ruling the market so thats a very prominent thing that they would have a better systems but slighter same as Samsung.Just follow the steps to install.

Step 1.  If you have the Android system into the Tv just visit here and Install the Kodi.

Step 2. And if the Smart TV is running on the WebOS then there is the same method as mentioned above for the Samsung TV.

Step 3.You can also get the help from here.

Why Android is important for Smart TV:

So this is true that we are living in the era of SmartPhones and Android but now Android is covering every markets because we have android microwave,android camera’s,android washing machines and offcourse Smart TV. Now coming to the importance of the Android in smart tv is that it will provide you a platform of entertainment in the form of kodi and you just be good enough to enjoy a theater in the home. So now coming on to the features of your TV that it will run the kodi in a very fluent speed. If the processors of the TV would be good so that IT WOULD BE  well enough to run the kodi in a very fast speed. TV having good Ram you can enjoy high resolution  graphics. So for all this Android supported Smart TV is the best option. You can also Install the setup of android into Smart TV by some old Android device if you have that. Just read this article which will help you to change your Tv nature to android with the help of your old android device. You can easily do the configurations with help of keyboard and mouse to the TV and attach you old phone with the TV. In case you don’t own an old Android device then you can get a Raspberry PI costing around 40-50$. This act will turn your TV smarter than before. This will help you more in casting your phone screen on your TV and thus you will be able to stream Youtube directly on your TV. You can also Install the Kodi on the TV if you have the Apple TV.

Some features of the most recent Smart Tv’s:

  1. Through Wifi you can share the files from and to your Smart TV.
  2. You can Record the channel transmission of your choice.
  3. You can access internet directly from your smart tv rather than you use the laptop,PC or phone.
  4. By Ethernet cable option  you can make your smart tv internet speed more fast and you can enjoy more bps internet on your Smart Tv.
  5.   You can now stream the mobile screen display on the tv directly by the  Screen Mirror.
  6. Usb port ,HDMI, allow you to make your kodi results more good .Also these ports can be used to connect HTPC devices like Roku or Amazon Firestick which will allow you to enjoy kodi on smart TV.

Some Disadvantages of the Smart TV:

As if there are some advantages of the smart TV  there are also some disadvantages which are also part of them. There are also pros and cons of everything so similarly Smart TV have also.

  1. The first of all is that the privacy,Because your device is directly connected to the internet which will be easily hacked. To avoid hacking just download the apps from google store not from the third party sources like torrent.
  2. Smart does not allow any further installation of apps like smartphones allow this.
  3. The Webcams installed inside the tv has also a security risk because they can be easily hacked by the hackers.

Having All of these problems but the Smart Tv have many advantages that we cant put them all back and as these problems are concerned,Google is trying to solve the matter of this improving the storage capacity to be increased in the  Smart Tv. And Samsung is already using Tizen and LG is using WebOS to overcome this problem because in these OS the memory capacity is not a problem. But they also not fully allow you to use all apps. Hope after reading this article you will be able to chose best of the Smart tv and kodi software for your home theater.

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