How to Install Windows 10 Preview right now on your PC.

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The Windows 10 has been announced yesterday and we have reported the well known “Incident” that has happened in a short Microsoft keynote. Although the world was waiting for the Windows 9, Microsoft came out with Windows 7.5 and named it Windows 10. Lots of debate is already going on social media and this is regarded as the second most talked about topic this week after the #bendgate issue with the Apple.

Coming back to Windows 10, yes now you can download and install it on your PC right now by downloading it from this Link >> Windows 10 Preview Edition. and then install it over your Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. No worries as Microsoft will let you to jump over the number 9. But before getting your hands over Windows 10 you should sign up for the Windows Insider Program. The developers at Microsoft will send you the copy of the Windows 10 preview as soon as they start believing about their blue screen errors are in control.

You have to agree with these lines given on the link:

**- The experimental and early prerelease software and services might not be fully tested.

**- You might experience crashes, security vulnerabilities, data loss, or damage to your device.

**- Your detailed usage and device data will automatically go to Microsoft and our partners to improve our products and services. See the Privacy Statement for more information.

**-You will receive communications about the program and related promotions. Once you’ve joined the program, to stop receiving such communications you must leave the program.

There is a before-you-install guide on Windows’ website, plus a section with videos and more tips on what to do once the preview version is on your computer. You can download the Windows 10 preview build as an ISO file and then run it from your existing Windows 7 or Windows 8/Windows 8.1 machine, or burn the ISO to a disc or put it on a USB drive to setup as a clean install.

It would take about 30 – 50 minutes depending on your system you are using. It took me 35 minutes on my Dell i5 machine. The Windows 10 Preview seem to be light and didn’t eat up my system resources yet. But keep in mind that this is a beta / testing version of Windows 10 so you might experience some lagging performance or even some famous Windows bugs.


The Windows 10 Preview is designed for the developers or business owners or some enthusiasts so we better warn you to install it on your secondary device on which you love to experiment more often. Beside this the developers at Microsoft recommended the Touch screen users not to try this version of the Windows on their tablets of laptops as this version doesn’t suits well with the touch screen devices.

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