How to integrate Google Now with Google Chrome Browser.

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You might have used Google Now if you are and Android users. Google Now is the personal assistant on this Android platform which was first introduced last year when the Official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean was announced at the Google I/O conference. Today we found a very interesting “New Tab” option for the Google Chrome browser that makes the new tab page resemble to the looks of “Google Now”.  The New extension gather all your old widgets and search information from a single page to new Google Now stylesheet  which makes it the ultimate integration of these services but its actually done by a third party developers and not the official Google developers.

To integrate Google Now in your Google Chrome Browser You can download it in Google Chrome Store by searching new tab page or simply go to this link and Download it for your chrome browser. 

The description suggests that it is not an official Google extension.

This is an unofficial Google Now new tab page for Chrome. It adds a Google Search box, voice search, weather, news, and more to your new tab page.

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V 0.2.4
Made Google Now banner time dependent
More UI tweaks
More bug fixes

V 0.2.1
Added Google Now banner
Minor UI tweaks
Bug fixes

V 0.1.0
Initial Release

Google Now tab, new Google now extension, google now for chrome, Google Now for PC,

When you complete the installation of the new extension. Your new tab page extension will overrides all the previous configurations you had with this Google Now like looks and setup. The new Google Now like search bar will be prominent on the Top of the page while your bookmarks or pages you browse more often will be aligned under the bar in different colors. While there will be a news column and a Weather widget will also be added to your new tab page, As seen in above image.

You can add more widgets to the screen including scores and google Home etc.

Hope you will like the new Google Now extension for Google Chrome.


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