How to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 4 using RageBreak. [Tethered]


There have been a lot of efforts in progress to Jailbreak the latest iOS 7 on all supported devices. Many Jailbreak communities are working in this regard. This lead in to some success as we have found RageBreak successfully claiming that they have Jailbreak latest standard iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 4 only. This includes both iPhone 4 variants that is the GSM and the CDMA models.

The bootrom vulnerability of the older A4 Chip on the iPhone 4 made it possible for the RageBreak to Jailbreak the device. So we can expect other Jailbreak methods for the device as well. But this is the fact that the Jailbreak stays for the A4 chip and the iPhone 4 is the only device running iOS 7 on this chip.

We found that the RageBreak Jailbreak method is a little different than the older jailbreaks that most of us were used to. There have been some reported errors when using the standard Cydia app on the newly jailbroken iPhone 4. The modified version of Cydia is found running on the particular Jailbreak device which has been found compatible with the latest iOS 7.0.4. The process of Jailbreaking the iPhone 4 will take approximatly 20 minutes to fully jailbreak your device.

We have prepared a guide which will help you in Tethered Jailbreak your iPhone 4 with this latest RageBreak method.


How to Tethered Jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 4:


First of all you will need following tools to get equipped for the RageBreak Jailbreak of your iPhone4.

1- First download the RageBreak for 7.0.4 *.exe file from the given link. [ RageBreak exe for Windows].
2- Download the Java Development Kit which is must for this setup. [ Java Development Kit Link].
3- If you have already updated to iOS 7.0.4 you don’t need to download this. But if you are using any older version of the iOS 7, for example the iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2 or the iOS 7.0.3 than you should download the iOS 7.0.4 iPSW from these links. [ iOS 7.0.4 for iPhone 4  CDMA and GSM] check for the iPhone 4 device from the given list.
4- Make sure you have the latest iTune store installed on your PC.
5- Download Update Zip. This is needed if you face any difficulties while following the tutorial given below. Download this Update Zip file and extract it to the C:\Jb\directory. If there is a prompt for unzipping the file, you should cancel it.

How to Jailbreak iOS 7.0.4 on iPhone 4 : [ Step by Step Guide for Windows]

We have these instructions as were posted on the iDownloadBlog and we have kept the same so that you would not feel any issues  while following them step by step. Before you continue, it’s important that you have the latest version of iTunes, JDK (Java Development Kit) and .Net Framework installed, most of wish can be found through RageBreak itself – see the Download Section listed below for the JDK.

  1. Download the RageBreak.exe (executable file), place it on your desktop and run the program as an Administrator.
  2. Click the first option inside the RageBreak GUI, or graphical user interface, followed by “OK” to the popup to have the tool automatically download and build the necessary opensn0w files.
  3. Enter DFU mode of your iPhone 4 by following the simple steps listed below:
  • Press and hold both the home and power buttons for a total of ten seconds.
  • Release the power button and continue holding the home button for an additional ten to fifteen seconds.
  1. Select the second option to Jailbreak and click “OK” to the prompt since your iPhone 4 should already be in DFU mode.

  2. Upon completion of the Java app, click “OK” to the new prompt that should appear, click “OK” to the “Transferring Files” prompt and, finally, close out of the Java app.

  3. Enter DFU mode by following the simple guide listed in the third step, click the boot option that corresponds with your device (3,1 is reserved for AT&T GSM iPhone models, whereas 3,3 is reserved for Verizon GDMA versions) and click “OK” to tell the utility you’ve successfully entered DFU mode.

  • Note: You’ll need to open RageBreak .exe for Windows, enter DFU mode and preform this step every time your iPhone reboots because, again, this is a Tethered Jailbreak.
  1. Obtain the Wi-Fi IP Address your iPhone is using by following the steps listed below:
  • Open the default Settings app.
  • Tap “Wi-Fi,” followed by the “i” next to the network your iPhone 4 is connected to.
  • Take note of the IP Address listed here, as you’ll need it in the next step.
  1. Click the fourth option inside RageBreak to “Install Cydia”. Enter the IP Address that was obtained in the previous step into the cmd window that should pop up and press Enter or return on your keyboard. If asked, type “y,” followed by Enter.

  2. Once the Cydia install process completes, enter DFU mode again (follow the instructions outlined in the third step) and boot Tethered by following the fifth step.

Congratulations, once your device reboots again, you will have a Tethered Jailbreak on your iPhone 4 running iOS 7.0.4!

If you have some issues with the text guide we have found some other methods showed in this Video guide.

Hope you loved to inject some important Cydia apps in your Jailbreak iPhone 4 running on latest iOS 7.0.4. For this we have list of top 30 apps for such Jailbroken devices which you should check out here. If you look for the best Jailbreak for the iOS 7.0 than we will recomend you to wait till the Jailbreak released by the Evasion Team which they have promised working on. Beside this there are reports that the Evad3r’s are also looking forward to release the iOS 7.0.4 Jailbreak for all devices.

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