How to make your smartphone Waterproof.

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Sony  has set a vey high standard for smartphone makers with the introduction of their waterproof dustproof  Sony Xperia Z. We have reports that Samsung also wants to introduce a hardcore version of their most acclaimed device the Samsung Galaxy S4. But for now we have found a unique way to make your smartphone waterproof or dustproof with this simple cover. This sleek and stretchy Condoms for Smartphone, makes your phone so tough like yourself in any type of situation. The best thing about this cover is that you can keep them in your wallet for any special situaton or in case of any emergency and it’s easy to cover your smartphone in matter of seconds.

These awesome cases are still available for the top three designed smartphones found most in the smartphone market, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, Apple iPhone 4, 4S and Apple iPhone 5. Its operation is cumbersome, because after entering the phone have to seal the back with a cover .

So having this cover it will not be a problem if your phone lacks certification against dust and water.  The covers are available at FireBox and can easily be urchased for $18.50 with 3 seals for each deck.

As you could imagine, these cases can not be left permanently on the smartphone. While promising a smooth operation of your camera touch but the drawback with this minimal cover is that there is no way to connect your headphones or microUSB cable with your device while this rubber condom cover is on.

Here are some more mages of this unique cover being shown on Samsung Galaxy SIII and iPhone 5.

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