How to Manage Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive From One Place.


The dependence on cloud storage has been increasing in past 2-3 years. More and more apps are made available online including the jump in by the giant companies like Google and Microsoft in this cloud storage platform. Google has introduced Google Drive while Microsoft hop in with SkyDrive app. But among all shareholders Dropbox is the most popular among all with the best Automatic synchronization and capabilities features.

Most of the folks love to use all of these services as most of them provide a certain amount of free space like Dropbox offers 2GB of free space while Google Drive and Microsoft’s SkyDrive offers a free 5GB disk space at their servers for the customers. So if you have account in all of these services you can easily store up to 12GB of data fro free in these online cloud storage services, and the best part is you can access that data any time from anywhere you want.

But the headache comes when you have to access these servers with a separate log in and synchronizing each system separately make it quite difficult to manage desired files and documents. That’s why every one wants to have such a service that integrates all these top cloud storage on one platform. 

Compal Apps came up with a solution, with an app named RainbowDrive (not that famous restaurant ) you can manage all your online cloud storage accounts from one place. You can sign in into different cloud sotarge services using the RainbowDrive just once and it will integrate all those platfomrs and after that you won’t have to get worry how to add, edit, save or delete any file because with with RainbowDrive you can browse all accounts or services in one place.

The official discription of the app on the Windows Store tells this all.

  1. – Integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and Box.
  2. – Support multiple accounts log-in for each cloud storage.
  3. – Upload/Download/Delete files to or from supported clouds.
  4. – Auto-categorize files by photo, music, video, office…file type.
  5. – In-app playback file formats: Images, Videos, Audio, etc.
  6. – Search files across all cloud accounts.
  7. – Share file link via email.

Above all the good thing is that this app is available for all most frequently used platforms including Windows Store, Apple iTunes store and the Google Play Store. Download links are given at the bottom of the post.

Download Link

For Windows 8, Apple iTunes, Google Play.


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