How to modify and overclock Nexus 4 GPU.


You might have faced some lagging issues while using High-end Android Smartphone, and when you have a number of games and other apps dumped in your device you will feel your device much slower and laggy. Android is designed in such a way that there are many apps that use to run in the background and consume lots of RAM and CPU processing.

To Solve these issues there are many apps available on the market, particularly the cache cleaning apps that maintain your system RAM intact to get better results.

However if you still want to gain some extra power from your CPU you can modify the kernel. There are different modified versions available for High-End Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC devices. But for today we test our skills in overclocking Adreno 320 GPU fitted in Google Nexus 4 or you can say LG Nexus 4. 

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In order to do so you have to install the custom Kernel that will support the GPU overclocking to get better performance while playing 3D Games and other heavy graphic based applications. I have tried and tested this custom kernel and I found it quite handy, In case if you also like to be a hardcore mobile gamer than this addition to your Nexus 4 will make it blazing fast.

However it has been also mentioned in different forums that the custom overclocking of GPU can overheat your chips that will result in auto reducing the GPU clock speed as well. But that is also proportional to your device usage. I have to mention another drawback which still isn’t certified but different experts suggests that custom overclock modification can reduce Qualcomm APQ8064 CPU, Adreno 320 GPU and other hardware components lifespan because it will overheat easily. Do it at your own risk.


How to overclock Nexus 4 GPU?

  1. First you have to download the Custom Kernel for Nexus 4.
  2. Than you have to install  Trickster MOD.
  3. Launch Trickster MOD.
  4. Go to Specific tab.
  5. Select the GPU Max Frequency that you prefer.
  6. Select Apply (tick).

That’s it, now reset and enjoy your device.

Note:  Only enable ‘Set on Boot’ when you are confident that the overclocked GPU speed won’t hang and stable all the time.