How to operate you TV using Apple Watch.


Well readers those of you who are using LG smartphones must be well aware of this feature, however now this has been introduced in Apple watch as well. The apple watches a wearable device which can access your televisions with a single touch. Now you can use it for multiple purposes like while sitting with friends you can secretly change the channels and also turn off the television. Apple watch has different third party apps which can be easily downloaded through which one can control these devices not only smart TV’s but also cables, receivers, lights and much more.

Well I have discussed some of the third part applications you must have in your apple watch as they can be beneficial at sometimes

Roomie remote

This application is a one that must be in your apple watch the premium version is paid. It can control numerous devices around you which include lights, televisions, cameras, projectors and many more. Easy to use you just need to install and you will get to know how to use this application.

Direct TV

This application which was first introduced for iPhone is now available for Apple watch too. This is not the remote control type app but it is a live TV from around the world you can download the app from play store and sit back to enjoy free live streaming of famous channels from around the world.


These two famous brands have also included the Apple device support so now you can control them too if you are one of those premium users you have to purchase the application from the Apple store.

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