How to organize apps on Apple Watch.

How to Change the Layout of Apps on Your Apple Watch « iOS Gadget Hacks

Apple has created an attractive smartwatch that is worn on the wrist. Apple watch is one of the amazing inventions of Apple and it’s the best smartwatch. Some of the apps are pre-installed on the smartwatch. Organizing multiple apps on the small screen of watch is a strenuous job, so we will let you know how to organize apps on Apple Watch so that you get the most required apps at the right place on your device.

Looking for a particular app on tiny screen is not a convenient way. The apps on Apple Watch are synchronized with iphone, so depending upon the total number of apps on iphone; your Apple Watch screen will be empty or jammed with apps. Normally apps on the Apple Watch are arranged in a honeycomb pattern. The watch app is located in the middle of the screen and it can’t be moved or deleted. Apple watch letting the users to organize app differently from the huge cluster of apps there are few apps that are mostly or frequently used, so you can put these app in the centre of the home screen and then alter the location of other app to organize apps on watch.

The apps can also be grouped together. The new update allows the user to access apps through Apple Watch App store.Given below are some details about managing and organizing apps on Apple Watch.

How to Adjust the Apple Watch App Layout:

If the users own apple watch then he must have the Apple Watch Companion App. This app will allow you to control your watch through iphone. By using this app go to app layout to change the positions of app

In the beginning apps will appear in a honeycomb or net like structure. In order to position the most desired app hold that app until it turns transparent and then drag the app icon to the desired location you want to place. That’s it you are done. You can also customize the app in same way depending upon your priority and preferences but remember one thing that the clock app cannot be moved anywhere. Another factor to note is that app icons are so close that you cannot set an app apart from others.

Test your talent and creative skills and come up with unique awesome design according to your need. You can organize apps on your Apple watch screen with the help of above tips. This guide can apply on both 48mm and 38mm watches as well.

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