How to promote an app in Google Play Store

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When ever we introduced a product in the market the main thing to get the best out of it is the promotion. Now a days smartphones are the biggest hot product in every country and daily 1000 of apps are added to play store, but not all the apps are getting well ranked. You’ve to work really hard in order to get your app in the top trending list, if you are thinking that only uploading it to the Google Play will do the work you are totally wrong. In the following guide i’ll tell you how to promote an app in Google Play Store. There are two ways to promote your app and it apply on mostly everything that need to be promoted. One is that you start spending money on big portals, run camping on local TV networks, purchased ad space in newspapers etc. Second is that you should start promoting in on various sites and forums. The second way is the one whom people choose to save the money.

How to promote an app in Google Play Store:

Step 1: Write blogs and post it in blogging sites.

Step 2:Forum Uploads (but dont dump the link in forums it might create an irritation to the users)

Step 3: Social Media Optimization, I mean ask your friends to review and ask your friends to tell their friends.

Step 4: Don’t pay for reviewing your app in Google Play it might result in suspension of the account (Google Play Developer Policy)

Step 5: App Videos, make a channel in youtube and promote with this video and make screeshots

Step 6: There are 500 sites which includes Review Sites, Forum etc… If you upload your game in all these sites you can increase your ranking position. Keep an eye on the Top Free and Top New Free of your category.

Special Thanks: Karthick Chandrasekaran

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