How to protect your Chrome Browser with a password.

Most of you must have been using Google Chrome as a default browser, and you must love it’s powerful features. The only thing you might think is how to protect your personal bookmarks, passwords and other information from unauthorized persons. So here is a very nice and helpful feature for your privacy and security.

There is a 3rd party extension that will make your day safe at browsing,  you can simply install this extension and set a specific password. What it does is whenever your chrome browser will open a password request will also pop up and you have to provide the password or else it won’t let you use your Google Chrome Browser. Anybody without the password will not be able to use Google Chrome on your PC or Notebook.

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The extension is known as, ” Simple Startup Password” and is available at Google Chrome Web Store. You can download your extension here. This plugin is quite necessary to protect your chrome browser. Survey shows that Google Chrome is being most used browser all over the world, because of its simple user interface and quite easy yet powerful features makes it the No 1 in all browsers list. It’s built in support for 1000’s of plugins and extensions make it most valuable  browser.


Main Features of Password Protected Chrome:

  • Easy to Access Browser
  • More Secure and Extra Layer Security
  • Easy to Recover Password if Lost
  • Secure History and Saved Passwords
  • You can Set passwords for multiple profiles
  • Every Profiles keep a different records

Now you can set your personal profile in chrome browser as well.



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