How to quick launch the camera app of Samsung Galaxy Note 5.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has recently hit the market and created a new realm of metallic beauty. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 bold designing steps into the world of metal for its flagships and outperforms most of its rivals in the benchmark. The latest look is more refined. The Note 5’s camera also brings some radical changes with wider aperture and optical image stabilization which makes people anxious to use it. Given below are some discussions about Galaxy Note 5 camera option settings that will assist you to capture high quality images.

Samsung galaxy Note 5 added a new auto focus mode called Tracking AF that automatically pre-focus even when the camera is moving. Following steps explained how to enable it. There are two ways to access camera on Note 5. It is possible by quickly pressing the home button twice and camera will be started. The other way is to open app menu or open it from the locked screen the first method is faster and it works even if the screen of the device is off .but before using that feature you need to activate it by going into camera settings.

Below is the detailed Guide of how to launch the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Camera is super Fast so that you don’t miss to shoot any amazing moment or any wonderful scene you see in front of you.

  1. First step is to tap on the camera icon from the home screen.
  2. Navigate to camera settings suited on the top left corner on the preview screen.
  3. Select the option Tracking AF for the activation.
  4. Choose the subject you are looking to track and focus.
  5. After that press the photo icon for clicking photos and press video icon if you want to make a video.
  6. Repeat the process if you want to use the Tracking AF option.



Try all the hidden Galaxy Note 5 features to capture a perfect picture. Now even if your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is locked you can tap on the home button twice and the camera will launch with the Tracking AutoFocus in tact and will be ready in half of a second to capture anything.

But still if you are into shooting something in macro mode you will be advised to turn on the camera properly and use the selective Focus mode feature which has been added in the camera options to get better images of the near objects. While standard or auto focus can be used for far objects while shooting.

Now if you are into the words war with an iPhone 6S user about the camera features in your awesome Note 5 then you can suggest your Apple debater with this link showing the best out of the Note 5’s camera features presented in this detailed comparison.