How To Record FaceTime Video Call On iPhone Using Your Mac


In the following guide i’ll tell you how to record FaceTime Video call on iPhone using Mac, most of us knows that in OS X Yosemite there is an option to Record FaceTime Video Conversation. It might come handy to view it later, i mean we use FaceTime for many purpose there are hundreds of moment whom we want to capture and save them. FaceTime is a built-in feature in iOS devices means there is no option to save our video calls by default, as soon as we hit the end call button its gone. FaceTime is not like other social media in which we have tons of option, so for those who wants to Record FaceTime Video Call On iPhone follow the steps mentioned below. In OS X Yosemite we can record our FaceTime videos by help of our mac but we have to some geek stuff.

How To Record FaceTime Video Call On iPhone Using Your Mac:

Step 1: First connect your device with Mac.

Step 2: Open Quick Time app on your Mac.

Step 3: Now while Quick Time app is running click on the file> New Movie Recording.


Step 4: Now you’ll see a Recording button and along with it a arrow. Click on it and select your camera and microphone sources to iPhone.

Step 5: After selecting iPhone as default camera and microphone, wait for a FaceTime call and when you receive one click on the recording button and accept the call.

Step 6: When you are done talking end the FaceTime video call and again click on recording button to stop it.

Step 7: Finally save the video where ever you want on your Mac.

All Done !

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