How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4.[Guide]

The Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t appeared on all United States carriers yet but still come up with the way to Root Samsung Galaxy S4. The Forum XDA developers has managed to find a way to root the devices which came with the Qualcomm based processor, i.e the most of the devices in early shipment would have a Qualcomm processor as stated in the reports published by Samsung 2-3 weeks ago. These variants include models from AT&T, Sprint and the T-Mobile.

The forum is claiming that the tool was made earlier for a Motorola Device the “MotoChopper”, seems to be working fine with the Samsung Galaxy S4. This experimental tool has been tested by the developers on branded Samsung Galaxy S4’s and found quite successful.


How to root, How to root Samsung Galaxy S4, How to root Galaxy s4, Galaxy S4 root, Samsung Galaxy S4 root, Root method for Galaxy S4If you got a device from one of these carriers and you want to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 then follow these steps.
How to root Samsung Galaxy S4:

  1. Download the Zip file from here .[LINK]
  2. Now extract the downloaded zip file.
  3. You must have the Latest USB Drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S4.
  4. Make USB Debugging mode is enabled on your device.
  5. Connect your device to your PC via USB.
  6. If you are using Windows, navigate to the extracted directory and execute “run.bat”. If you are using Linux or OS X, navigate to the extracted directory in a terminal and execute “./”.
  7. Approve the ADB connection from your PC on your device.

This tool has not been used more often and it is still new so beware of this 
At this point, since there are no custom recoveries or stock images available, it may not be possible to repair your device should you accidentally break it. Please be aware of this before performing any modifications to your phone.

Another Download Link for the Root File.


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