How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-900K and install CWM Recovery.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has finally got the most anticipated update of the Android 5.0 Lollipop and the developers at Samsung has just released the OTA update for all Galaxy S5 models including the Korean variant of the Galaxy S5 model SM-900K. With the build number G900 KKTU1BNL2 the update can be downloaded and manually installed on the device that you own.

Now after you updated your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-900K to the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop version we will let you know how to root your Galaxy S5 G900K device running this latest Android firmware and for that all you have to do is follow this guide given below to root your device and install CWM recovery on it with the help of updated version. This will allow you to access the system files of the device and hence you can customize your device accordingly.

But first of all before heading for the whole procedure, we warn you to backup your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900K and make sure to follow these instructions at your own risk. This can brick your device if not followed properly and we at axeetech will not be responsible for any damage happen to your device. Now moving forward you need following tools downloaded on pc to get the setup going.

Pre-requisites Downloads:

You have to download the CWM Recovery file, the Sphine X-Root tool, the Stock Kernel and the SuperSU Zip files from the links given below.

CWM recovery file: Download Link

SphinX-Root: Download Link

Stock Kernel: Download Link

SuperSu zip: Download Link


Make sure to Enable USB Debugging on your device.

Download and install the latest Samsung USB Drivers to get your device recognized by the PC.

Make sure to Backup your phone’s apps and data as precaution.

How to install the  CWM Recovery on Galaxy S5:

For that all you need is the CWM recovery file in the *.tar extension and flash it on your device with the help of Odin. If you are new and never flashed a Samsung Galaxy device before you can see the Odin setup file to know about the procedure. You need to download the CWM Recovery file given in the given links above.


How to Root Galaxy S5 SM-G900K on Android 5.0 Lollipop:

After downloading and installing CWM recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900K device you can root it  by following these steps given in the guide below.

1- First of all download and copy the SphinX-Root, Stock Kernel and SuperSU Zip files on your device. Make sure to put them on the internal storage and not SD Card.

2- Reset your Galaxy S5 into recovery mode by pressing Volume up+ Home + Power buttons all together for 5-10 seconds till your device vibrates and reboot into Recovery mode.

3-Now all you have to do is Flash the SphinX-Root file from the recovery menu.

4- After that Now flash the SuperSU zip right after flashing the SphinX-Root file.

5- Now all you need is to Reboot the device and verify whether the SuperSU is working.

6- After checking the  SuperSU is working on your device, boot to the recovery mode again and flash the stock kernel. Reboot the device once again and verify the root permissions.

7- If you’re really unlucky and the root doesn’t work for you still, repeat the rooting process once again.

That’s it. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900K has been successfully rooted on Android 5.0 Lollipop and we hope that you can install all the tweaks which need root permission.

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