How to Run Android Apps on Windows, Mac using ARChon.


The grand plan of bringing some selected Android apps to the Chrome platform is already in the news, But there  are some third party developers who seem more interested in completing this task by showing us the way to run Android apps on Windows and Mac using this new tool ARChon.

A famous developer Vlad Filipove has developed a new tool named ARChon, This run-time app allows you to run unlimited number of Android Apk applications which are created using Chromeos-apk across any desktop platform that supports Chrome. For this you need to install the customized version of the Android Run-time extension ARChon, to allow run the Android Apk’s modified in chromeos-apk tool.

The Tool is still in beta test stages so it is advised that you don’t use it on your regular Google Chrome version instead download Chrome 37+ or Chrome Canary.  You need to follow these instructions given here to install this package on any of the above mentioned browsers. If you are a newbie regarding chrome tweeks, we warn you not to try this as this may result in crashing of chrome browser and you can lost your data.

Follow these steps and download the package from the given link below. Tested on OS X, Windows and Ubuntu. You must have Chrome 37+ installed. (If it doesn’t work try Chrome Canary).


1- Make sure you have chromeos-apk@2.0.0 or higher. (Update using npm install -g chromeos-apk@latest)

2- Download the runtime:

3- Load it as an unpacked extension.

4- Create your APKs with the ARChon flag: chromeos-apk --archon. This will create an app directory for you.

5- Load as many APKs as you want as unpacked extensions on any platform of your choice.

6- See for more help with the chromeos-apk tool.

Follow the steps and if you have any questions regarding this new tool you can ask us in the comments section below.


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