How to run iOS apps on Android devices using Cider iOS Emulator.


The recent surveys published in a top tech blog shows that the Android smartphone owners are more loyal with their Android loaded devices then the iOS device owners who more likely to shift to the new OS. But still there are many app developers who prefer iOS platform while developing their apps, most of the time they make the Android version of the app and post it to the Google Play Store. But today we will let you a simple trick about how to run iOS apps on Android using the best iOS Emulators for Android.

Most of the iOS apps doesn’t need much higher rams, and more and more Android devices comes with 2GB-4GB installed RAM units. So you can easily access and run Cider apk which is regarded as one of the best iOS Emulator for Android and helps you run any iOS app on your Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG or Sony smartphone.

How To Run Apple iOS Apps On Android With iOS Emulators;

All you have to do is follow this step by step guide to make your Android loaded device able to run the iOS apps.

1- First you can download iOS Emulator from the given link below.

2- Once you saved it, you can go and open the app.

3- Now install your newly downloaded emulator on your Android device.

4- This emulator will install the padiod on your device.


Download best iOS Emulator for Android the Cider Apk:

There have been different apps that can be used as an iOS Emulator for Android and most common is iemu, but this Cider apk can work as a more stable emulator on your Android device, so we suggest to download this Cider app on your device to play your favorite iOS app or Games on Android. Below is the link to Cider Apk

Download Cider Apk: Download Link



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