How to send Bold or Italics message on WhatsApp.


WhatsApp has been included among one of the most and regularly used apps for the smartphones. There have been daily millions of text messages recorded sent from WhatsApp messenger to other users. But what if some one want to Write BOLD on WhatsApp, or Italics on WhatsApp? Right After posting the latest WhatsApp 2.16.119 Apk we will like to let you know how to send Bold or Italics messages on WhatsApp using simple code. Moreover if you want to confuse the reader you can send Strikethrough messages on WhatsApp as well. Here is the guide how to do it.


To type a BOLD Message:

For sending bold messages in whatsapp simply open any contact in whatsapp then before and after of your message type “*” and then tap on send,now your message will magically turn into BOLD.


To type a ITALICS Message:

Now for sending message in italics simply type “_” before and after of your message then your message will be magically turn into ITALICS.


To type a STRIKETHROUGH Message:

To convert your message into a strikethrough message simply type “~” before and after of your message and then chat will be magically get converted into a strikethrough message.



If you want to create a message with all these magical codes then have to type all the codes(Bold,Italics & Strikethrough).Use all codes and then tap on send. Now you will see that your message is get converted into all the forms.

Note:Insert all the codes only in the proper form like as shown below and make sure not to put any spaces right after the *_~ signs you are using to write bold/ italic writings.

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