How to Send Zip, PDF or APK Files on WhatsApp.

[Guide: How to send Zip, PDF or APK Files on WhatsApp]. The Whatsapp is a most popular app owned by Facebook consisting of billions of users that uses Whatsapp on daily basis. WhatsApp is efficiently leading the market. It allows the user to send unlimited free messages, pictures, links, music, videos and many other attachments.

These features make Whatsapp more attractive and fascinate the user. It is considered to be the most in demand messenger for Android, Nokia, Apple iOS and windows phones etc. However, listed below are some of the shortcomings. You can send the *.Zip, *.rar, *.apk or *.PDF files using this simple guide.

How to send or Receive ZIP, PDF, APK Files on WhatsApp:

The best part of this messaging app is that you can send or receive any type of multimedia files with your contacts including the mp4, mp3, jpg or even you can send GIF animations using this app. But today we will let you know how to send another type of files that normally this app don’t let you share with your friends or contacts.


There have been some issues when it comes to sending such type of necessary files with your contacts and other issues that some one has to face while sharing content on this messaging app that is WhatsApp.

  • First one is that Whatsapp fails to support, when it comes to sending PDF, ZIP and APK files on Whatsapp.
  • Other issue was Whatsapp doesn’t allow you to send large bulky videos. It restricts the user to send file less than 16MB. More than 16MB will not be shared. It automatically identify heavy file and do not show that particular video in the sharing list.
  • Whatsapp reduces the quality of the picture you send to other people. The reason is that Whatsapp automatically compresses the picture and then send it to the recipient. It gives a light blurry effect to the recipient and the difference in quality is more visible when you check it on computer.

These are some of the unfavorable problems associated with Whatsapp, Which might discourage the user from sending lengthy and quality video. The users can switch to other options to share video image by some other mean of sources, only if you don’t want to compromise on the picture quality. But those sources are lengthier and time consuming.


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Step by Step guide to send or Receive ZIP, PDF, APK Files on WhatsApp

Here are the few guides that will assist to share media to your friend without losing the clarity. For that purpose you need to have Dropbox and cloud-send for Android. Scroll down and follow the simplest steps

  1. Download and install dropbox. If you have dropbox account already then you can use the existing one but if you don’t have it then signup for new account if this step is done proceed further.
  2. Download and install cloudsend for android, swipe your screen from left to right for a quick tour. It will then request for authorization, allows it. Dropbox automatically creates folder with name cloudsend. Now close the app after completing the authorization.
  3. If you want to share PDF, ZIP, APK file on whatsapp then press and hold the file through file manager and select share button.
  4. Now choose cloud send option from the popup.
  5. Wait for few minutes to upload on cloudsend folder created on dropbox. The advantage of using cloudsend is that it will not restrict about size, transfer speed vary depending upon the internet connection. Once it is copied you can copy or share to other location.
  6. File can be shared to different social networks.
  7. If you want to share it with Whatsapp friends then open whatsapp contact and share file to the desired friends.

MeanWhile you can download Latest version of WhatsApp messanger here.

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