How to set any song as Custom iPhone 6 Ringtone.


iPhone 6 is the most beautiful Smartphone out there in the market, but the device doesn’t allow you much to  personalize it to your own liking. Ringtones are always fascinating for the users who do not put their Smartphone’s on silent or switch off modes. Personalizing your ringtones is one of the simplest ways on your iphone. iPhone 6 itself consist of many in built ringtones but sometime the user want to put a unique ringtone or may be a ringtone of their favorite songs. iPhone 6 also enable the user to put different ringtone for each contact so when you iphone rings you can guess who is calling without looking at a screen.

Putting a unique custom ringtone is not a hard core job all you need a skill of audio snipping or sourcing. This article will help you to personalize your ringtones. Make sure you have data cable and iTunes are already installed on your computer or Mac. In this guide we will let you know how to setup custom Ringtones on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with the help of these simple steps.

Creating a custom ringtone

Step 1: The first step is to launch iTunes on your computer or Mac and click on music library. Choose any song or audio bit of your choice which you want to use as a custom ringtone.

Step 2: Right click on the song or audio bit and then click on get info and then click on options tab. inside you will find start and end time of your song which you want to set as ringtone. Click on it once you have chosen.

Note: Make sure that the customize ringtone can be only 30 seconds long. Create a perfect loop for your ringtone and don’t worry because you are not deleting or making any changes in the original track.

Step 3: Right click on the song again and click in the “create AAC version”. ITunes will duplicate the track in the library but the duplicate track will be 30 seconds log. Now highlight the short version of track and right click and select a “show in finder”.

Step 4: The duplicated file will show 1 to differentiate it with the original track. Once you are in finder right click on the newly created song and then click on “get info” and to change file extension to m4r.

Step 5: Rename the ringtone if you want to use any other name and save to your desktop to access it easily.


Copying New Custom Ringtone onto Your iPhone

Step 1: Launch iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your iphone to you pc or Mac through data cable.

Step 3: After connecting, iTunes will be opened click on the “three dots” available on the left extreme side and the choose tones form the drop down menu and drag your ringtone into the box.

Step 4: Then choose mobile shape icon available on the left extreme side and click on the tones. Ensure that you check the selected tones option from the box. It will show a list of tones which you want to sync with your iphone.

Step 5: Click on the apply button available on the bottom right side of iTunes to sync the ringtone with your iphone.

Step 6: Now hold your iphone 6 click on settings>sounds>ringtones and you will find new ringtone sitting on top.

That’s it, Hope you have set your favorite ringtone on your iPhone 6 and you would be happy to have it already ringing on your phone.

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