How To Set Do Not Disturb On The Moto X Easy Guide



Sometimes you just want to relax in nature , no friends no family no nothing . But your smartphone irritates you with new notifications and alerts and you just want to throw your smartphone . Don’t worry we have a solution to such conditions and your smartphone will not disturb you till you enjoy all the moments you want or you want a good sleep . In Moto X you have an app named as Moto App . This is an amazing app from Motorola and this app will help you on doing not disturb condition. Following is a guide on how you can use Moto¬†App and make your important moments silent with out any disturbance.




  • Open Moto App.
  • Click Sleeping tab.
  • Check keep my screen will not show any notification on your screen .
  • Check Silence option. It will not show any incoming calls .
  • You can also set the options like if someone calls you more than one time in 5 minutes or someone from your favorite or starred contacts calls you , your smartphone rings and alert you for a call.


  • You cal also set your sleep time , when you set your sleep time your smartphone will not ring or no notification pop up until your sleep time is over .
  • The best do not Disturb app I ever use , feel free to use this app if you have Moto X .


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