How to Setup Apple Pay on Apple Watch. [Guide]


Apple Watch latest feature solves many of the problems. Apple Watch changes the trends how you make purchases by introducing Apple watch payment technology. Apple Watch provides with digital wallet service to pay in stores. It’s super advantageous and convenient and most important is secured. Many of the Apple users are still not aware of this feature. Now the app watch is not limited to sending the messages, checking notifications, using instagram or Facebook etc.

Now discover how to activate Apple Pay on your Apple Watch by scrolling down to the easiest steps given below.

How to Setup Apple Pay for Your Apple Watch

Open Apple Watch app on your iphone and select “pass book and apple pay” for setting up your credit or debit card on Apple watch. If it is already setup with Apple pay on your iphone then just enter the security code of the card and tap on next from the extreme top right side.

Note:  You have to enter card billing and shipping information if you have never used your card with Apple pay.

After completing the card information you need to accept the terms and condition to verify your card. After the card activation you will get a call or message notification on your apple watch about the successful completion of the procedure with activation code. Enter that code into the “Ready to verify”. That’s it, here you go now card is ready to use with apple pay.

How to Use Apple Pay on Your Watch

Card is ready to make transactions. Around 220,000 stores across the country are accepting Apple pay. List of some famous stores, restaurants, service provider that are accepting Apple pay are McDonalds, Nike, Walt Disney world, Subway, Sephora, Jet blue and many more. The other stores will accept Apple pay very soon.


After finding a place that is accepting Apple pay, all your need is to make purchases by just double tapping the side button and hold your watch close to the terminal (card reader).when the reader recognizes your card type your pin and verify your bill, in a same way you swipe your card.

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