How to show battery percentage in status Bar of iOS 7.

iOS7 battery Percentage, Display iOS 7 Battery Percentage

The new iOS 7 is out for some time now and many old iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch users aren’t familiar with the new settings menu of the latest OS, so most of the time our readers ask us share different tips about the hidden features of the iOS 7 like the Battery Percentage in Status Bar of iOS 7.

The current battery usage has been shown by the default dynamic battery icon on the right top corner of the status bar. The bar there isn’t quite effective if you want to know the exact percentage of the battery left. So with the help of this little tip that we are sharing, you can enable the Battery Percentage in Status Bar of iOS 7. This feature is available for all iOS 7 capable devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

You can simply enable the battery percentage in settings of your device without jailbreaking it. Just follow the tips given below to get to the right part of settings menu to enable the battery percentage in your devices status bar.

 How to Display the Battery Percentage in Status bar of iOS 7:


Step 1: Go to Settings app -> General -> Usage

Step 2: Scroll down to find out the BATTERY USAGE option, turn on the “Battery Percentage” switch to make it into green as shown in the image above. This will immediately show the battery percentage along the dynamic battery icon.

You can also reverse the process to hide the battery percentage by switching off it from the same menu. Beside this you can also check out our detail guide on how to save Battery in iOS 7.

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