How to solve Galaxy S5 headphones problem.


Samsung’s S5 a beautiful handset but as we know every handset has got one issue or another but these can be easily solved even at home and you don’t need to go out to make your phone check. There are complaints about Samsung S5 headphones that even when the mobile is connected to the headphone no voice could be heard so this is not a big issue and we can make it solve for you if you just follow these few checks

Check no1

First of all connect your headphones properly because these phones have snugs that don’t allow the headphones to go inside properly so you need to push them properly inside

Check no2

If the problem is not solved you should better go in settings to see if your phone is muted so just unmute your phone and you will be able to listen the sound.

Check no3

Just see if the headphone port is clean from inside because this port is directly exposed to all the dust particles that doesn’t allow the headphones to fix in properly you can solve this issue by cleaning the inside putting the compressed air inside with pressure

Check no4

If the problem still persists you should believe that there is some problem with your headphone port, for this claim the warranty of your phone and make it replace or repaired or whatever the terms and conditions in the warranty say.

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