How To Solve Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth Issues – Easy Guide



Samsung Galaxy S5 was the latest smartphone release from Samsung , Samsung has loaded Samsung Galaxy S5 with awesome features and applications . Camera of galaxy S5 is awesome , hardware is also powerful and display is flawless . All in one smartphone for every smartphone but bugs and problems are still there when you use this smartphone . Today we discuss about Samsung Galaxy S5 Bluetooth issues , galaxy s5 Bluetooth stuck or not working sometimes this happens because Bluetooth is busy in scanning new devices or tries to connect to a device . One thing always keeps your Bluetooth turn off  this also increase the battery life and also you don’t face Bluetooth issues when you use Bluetooth.Normally users clear Bluetooth date but they forgot to clear cache and they face the same problem after clearing Bluetooth data so clearing cache is important when you clear Bluetooth data.

Following is a guide on how to fix Bluetooth issues of galaxy s5 , these are some steps which will help your smartphone Bluetooth to work properly .



 Procedure :

Step 1: First of all Go to settings .

Step 2: GO to application manager.

Step 3: Swipe from left to right to see all options .

Step 4: Click Bluetooth.

Step 5: Click forcefully stop.

Step 6: Now click on clear cache.

Step 7: Now click clear Bluetooth data.

Step 8: Now restart your smartphone.

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