How to speed up Internet on Android smartphones.

Android Speed Booster

We know your concerns and so we know how irritating is this when your android smartphone is giving you the poor internet speed and opening the page slowly and taking much longer than what it should take, well to solve your problem we have the solution as always and on the demand of our viewers we are today here to give you the solution to your problem today we will let you know how to speed up Internet on Android.

Before telling you people the ways to speed up the internet on your Android, I would like to make it clear that speeding up internet doesn’t mean that you will be having the extra speed than what your service provider is actually giving or what your Wifi maximum has, but it means that you would get the maximum speed to whatever network you are using for example if your Wifi is giving 8mb speed it would always remain 8mb but from those 8mb you will get the maximum out of the given speed. Now I’ll tell you people the secrets to speed up Android phone internet.

First of all make sure that you are not connected to Wifi network and your mobile data should be turned on. You can turn on the mobile data in the settings of your specific phone. All you have to do is follow these steps regularly to get the maximum Internet speed on your Android device.

1- Clear app cache

App cache is the unwanted files that are being built over the time in your phone and these are responsible for utilizing the system resources and memory. These needs to be cleared and to clear these you have two options the first and the easy way is that you download some app to clear cache at once. The second option is manually clearing the cache one by one. go to settings >Apps and chose the app you mostly use and then find clear cache button and click it do it for all the apps, once done you will notice the change in your internet speed.

2- Check network settings

Network settings play an important role and if you are connected to the right network your internet speed must be good enough, now the thing is that whether you are connected at the right place or not, for checking you need to go to settings and find mobile network settings now tap on that and you will find a drop down menu. Your mobile should be connected to the right network like if you have 4G it should be connected to 4G and if your service provider is giving 3G then you must be connected to 3G. In most parts of the world GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto is supported try looking for this is your mobile settings. Any changes you make will take effect in 30 seconds so be patient.

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3- Delete or disable unused widgets

The widgets occupy the space in RAM of your device and are displayed on the home screen so they use a lot of memory and all the unused widgets should be disabled to gain memory and to make your internet work fast. Just tap and hold the widget and slide it up to disable it, once you have disabled the widget it would leave a memory and your internet might get a space in memory to work fast. To delete the widget go to applications and delete it from there.

These are the tricks to speed up the internet on your device I hope these will work for our readers and surely they will if you will do them as we have guided you.

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