How to stream Music from Cloud services on Android devices.


After doing different investigation it has seen that smartphones have less storage capacity. For resolving this issue cloud storage service has become the essential part of our smartphones and to stream music from cloud storage. It allows you to share store large media libraries and synchronized all your devices including Google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft and many more. Cloud storage service safeguard and enables the user to access file where and when the user wants it as we have to see that stream music from cloud to Android.

Cloud storage service allows sharing bulky files with your friends without the tension of data being bounce back due to limitations on data transfer.

The only disadvantage of using cloud storage service is that it’s not media friendly or supportive because it doesn’t create the playlist which make it oppressive to access media and video files.

In Nityaa Labs, the development team launched a new app that has resolved this issue. App has ability, which can change everything with a media-first interface. It enables user to access or store files on your Dropbox, Microsoft One drive, and Google drive accounts. We will let you know how to stream music from Cloud Services on Your Android device. This includes all the latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop and others.

Step 1: Install air stream

Air stream app is available on the Google play store for free. By using this app it will stream movies, videos, photos and music from your cloud storage accounts. With airstream GB’s of data can be accessed or shared.

Step 2: attach your cloud storage account

Install and setup air stream, it will give a quick demo about app. Click on “get started”. Then attach your cloud storage accounts. Select any account of your choice like Dropbox, Microsoft One drive, or Google drive accounts to start the process. Now move to next by logging into your storage account type email and enter password and click on “sign in”. The air stream will ask to access files and folders tap on “allow”. Repeat the above processes if you want to attach other cloud storage account

After completing this it will ask for setting up a local area network connection with your computer, just click on remind me later and move forward.


Step 3: Stream music and videos from your cloud accounts

Airstream main menu will be opened select cloud option; the menu will be open and then select any of your cloud accounts. Choose folder that contains music or video files. Click on songs or video to start playback. Afterwards, direct the music or video tab to get a media player interface that allows for skipping tracks and pausing playback. The screen will display playing media that can be pause or stop. The app can also cast connects to any number of cast-enabled devices.

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