How to take a Screenshot with a Samsung Gear S.


With the introduction of smart-watches here comes a whole new medium in the gadgets world that has too much to offer but there is a need to understand how these gadgets work and what benefits we can get from it.

Today we will be talking about the Samsung smartwatch, Galaxy Gear S which has been released last year. But thanks to developers at Samsung for introducing the Tizen OS for the smartwatch which adds some more cool features for this smartwatch.

With the previous version of the Samsung Gear and Gear 2 we would not able to take the screen shot of their displays, but with the latest Galaxy Gear S watch and the Tizen 2.2.o installed on it you can take any screen shot with simple steps given below.

All you have to do is follow this guide below to take a Screen shot with the Samsung Gear S.


Step 1: Hold the Home button

Step 2: Swipe the screen from Left to Right to take the screen shot.

Step 3: Once the screen shot is captured you can see it flashing and will be saved on to the gallery.

Step 4: If you have synchronized your smartwatch with the smartphone, you will receive the screenshot instantly on your device.

So now you can have the screenshots of your Samsung Galaxy Gear S and you can use them anywhere.

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