How to transform Android device Screen into floating one. [Guide]


Well readers, from the heading you must be having an idea that this thing is going to be real fun, well you have understood it right, actually now a days the trend is of bigger screens, no doubt that they do improve quality as the resolutions gets higher and all the image colors also improves but one big setback of these big sized screen is that you are unable to operate your mobile with the use of one hand so each time even if you need to open any random app you need both of your hands.

But fortunately as always we do have the solution to your problem and we will make your screen in to a floating one so that all the icons are floating and you can open anything anytime with only a single tap with your only hand. Yes it is exciting isn’t it?

All you need is that you should have the root access to your device as we are introducing the third party application to make this feature enabled for you. That is not a problem you just can root access your device there are several software out there in the market. Now I’ll tell you how to make your screen into a floating one you just need to follow these steps

Download These First:

1- Niwatori – One-Handed Mode: Link

2- Gravity Box: Link

Once done follow these steps in the guide below to make your Android display floats on any other device with the help of these modules that you have currently downloaded on your device.


  1.  First of all you have to Install Xposed Framework as mentioned in the links given above.
  2. After that you can Download and Install both of the Modules mentioned above.
  3. Right after that all you have to do is to Choose Gravity Box based on your Android version.
  4. Now you can Activate them both and reboot the device.
  5. Once done you can now Open Gravity Box and Navigate to Navigation Bar Tweaks > Master Switch.
  6. Make sure to Enable the Navigation Bar for convenience and better usage.
  7. Go back and Tap Navigation Key Actions, Here either choose the Menu Key or Back Key, for the Long press action, depends on your Hands.
  8. Now While assigning, Choose Shortcuts instead of Applications and Choose the One Handed Mode Moveable Screen.
  9. Once done you can now Reboot your Android Device to Confirm the Effect.
  10. Now Long Press the Chosen key and you’ll see the list of applications.
  11. Move freely as you like and Once done, Long Press the Key again to go back.
  12. That’s it Done.

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