How To Turn off Geolocation on Android Camera

turn off Geolocation on Android devices

Camera is the main feature of the all the Android devices and with every new update manufactures add more and more features to our device camera. As we have seen in our camera app there is a feature called¬†Geolocation, which automatically add the location to our photos. Its a good option that helps us remember where we have taken a photo, but not every one find it interesting. Today i’ll tell you how to turn off Geolocation on Android devices. All you have to do is follow all the steps mentioned below in the guide.

How To Turn off Geolocation on Android Camera:


Step#1: Open the picture on your PC from which you want to remove the location.

Step#2: Right click on the photo and select properties.

Step#3: Now click on the details tab, at the end of the windows you’ll see remove properties and personal information click on it.

Step#4: Choose the information by click on the check box right next to the details.

Step#5: Now open camera app on your device. ( i am using Nexus 5 ).

Step#6: Tap on the circle below that says SCE.

Step#7: Tap on settings icon.

Step#8: Select Store Location = OFF.

All Done !!.

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